Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yankees Minor League Links Feb. 9th

Yankees Fans Unite did an interview with Dante Bichette Jr.

The Yankees Analysts did an interesting piece about the Yankees drafting of relief pitchers and how they are at the top of the game.

Pinstripe Alley covers all the Non-Roster invitees including many minor league names you may recognize.

Keith Law of ESPN insider ranked his top 100 prospects, top 10 in each system and all of the minor league systems.  In his top 100 he had Manny Banuelos (23 overall), Mason Williams (34), Gary Sanchez (55), and Dellin Betances (83).  He is much higher on Mason Williams then most other places I have seen. He has him ahead of the Sanchez and Betances, while most sites, including this one, have him behind them.  This just goes to show the potential that Williams had and hopefully he will continue his solid hitting through the higher levels of the minors.

The top 10 list of Yankees looked like this:
1. Manny Banuelos 
2. Mason Williams 
3. Gary Sanchez
4. Dellin Betances
5. Tyler Austin
6. Jose Campos
7. Dante Bichette Jr.
8. Austin Romine
9. J.R. Murphy
10. Slade Heathcott

Besides from Williams, Law also seems to be very high on Tyler Austin.  I have always had him as a top 20 kind of guy but with him being ranked #5 by Law, this give me hope that he can blossom into a very good player for the Yankees.  The rest of the list looks pretty standard.  He seems to be a little higher on JR Murphy but he is a solid player who also happens to play catcher so is barried in the Yankees system with the other top catchers.

Law ranked the Yankees overall system #10 in MLB.  This seems pretty fair as the Yankees have a good amount of talent but there are definitely teams that have stockpiled more talent then the Yankees have.