Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yankees Minor League Links Feb. 29th

Fan Graphs came out with there top 15 Yankees prospects.  The biggest surprise in there list is that Jose Campos is listed at #2.  In my top 10 I had him at #7 but Fan Graphs is a big fan.  They seem to think that it was a big steal by the Yankees to get him involved in the Montero trade.  The rest of the list is similar to the others I did and have posted.

I did a story a while back about Austin Romine being stuck in the system behind the other great catchers.  Lohud did an interview with him after the Montero trade and he seems relieved that he is now less stuck.  Although it could seem kind of harsh for him to say that he is happy Montero was traded,  this trade was mutually beneficial to both of them.  Montero got an assured starting spot in Seattle and Romine got one step closer to being the Yankees catcher.

Pinstripe Alley did a piece on the players that are now stuck in the system.  It is mostly middling infield prospects.

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