Thursday, January 26, 2012 releases top 100 Prospects of 2012

There were a few interesting ones for Yankees fans.  The first thing that was very interesting was the rankings of recently traded Jesus Montero and LHP Manny Banuelos.  Upon further review, the rankings have been changed over night.  When I checked yesterday along with the writers of Pinstripe Alley, Banuelos was ranked #12 or one spot ahead of Montero, who was #13.  However, today the list has them switched. While I agree, as can be seen from my original rankings of Yankees prospect, with Montero higher, I found this rather interesting.  I guess someone went back last night and did an update and they liked Montero more.

From there the next person of interest is former Yankee Arodys Vizcaino ranked at number #36.  For those of you who don't remember, he was traded to Atlanta as a part of the trade to acquire Javier Vazquez.  Since that trade didn't work out to well for the Yankees, looking back that was a pretty big price to pay as he would be our #2 ranked prospect this season.

At #41 Dellin Betances is the next highest ranked current Yankees prospect.  I ranked him as the Yankees number two prospect so is following suit so far.

The next Yankee comes in the form of Gary Sanchez at #53.  This continues to follow my rankings as I had Sanchez #3 in my rankings for this season.

The final Yankee on the list was Mason Williams at #73.  This again follows my rankings, as the #4 prospect in the Yankees system.

In a rankings done for systems, only using the top 100 prospects the Yankees came in ninth.  This is very respectable especially since the Yankees have good depth in their system. With players like Austin Romine and Dante Bichette Jr. who would most likely show up in the next 50 or so prospects, the Yankees minor league pipeline is very strong.

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