Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14th Links

A few cool links about Yankees prospects. released thier Yankees minor league all-star team.  It is decently similar to the one I did a few weeks back.

ESPN did a piece on prospect affected during this offseason.  Montero was listed while saying:
Jesus Montero, C, New York Yankees
The Yankees are always a threat to swoop in and make a big move based on their riches alone, but in this case, Montero is the beneficiary of their relative silence so far. He's still penciled in as the primary designated hitter in 2012, and with Joe Girardi indicating that Francisco Cervelli will be on the roster, the team has done everything but come out and say that Montero's catching days are over. No worries, as he's really going to hit.

The big news that should be coming out today, which has a little to do with Yankees prosepects, is the announcement of the Yu Darvish posting winner.  Should the Yankees win this could change the way they deal with thier top pitching prospects as this adds another arm into the equation.  The announcment is supposed to come at 5 PM today.

Former Yankee prospect Mark Melancon was traded to the Red Sox today.

The Yankees declined thier option on former first round pick Andrew Brackman earlier this offseason.  He has been signed by the Reds.

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