Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cody Grice Update

I was asked about Cody Grice by one of my Facebook followers.  If any of you want to know anything about a Yankees prospect like my Facebook page and ask me about them.  I will try to come up with an answer or do as much research as I can about the issue.  But without further ado here is an update on Cody Grice.

First off, here is my draft day write up on Grice.  Since being drafted out of Grand Valley State in Michigan, he was assigned to Low A short season (Staten Island Yankees).  There he went on to hit .241 with a HR, 22 runs, 23 RBIs and 11 stolen bases in 46 games.  For a guy who is still only 21 that is not a bad place to be.  Next year I would imagine that he could start the season back at Staten Island but would not expect him to spend much time there.  If he produces at all I could easily see a early season promotion to Charleston (Low A).  I could actually even see him start the season off there, depending on what the Yankees scouts see in him.

The future for Grice could be bright.  He is a quick footed outfield who is still young.  Although the Yankees don't have a pressing need for outfielders at the major league level it is never bad to have depth.  Right now Grice is probably a top 10 outfielding prospect for the Yankees.  He is not quite on the level of Mason Williams or Slade Heathcott but he is still young and could definitely prove himself over the next few years.  However, with only the one year of professional baseball under his belt, pretty much anything could happen.  Look to see him spend much of next year in Charleston and see where he goes from there.

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