Friday, October 7, 2011

Jesus Montero #5 International League Prospect

Baseball America released their top 20 prospects of the International League (AAA) and the only Yankee prospect on the list was Jesus Montero at #5.  You can take a look at his previous minor league stats by reading his welcome post here.

I am actually a little surprised that Montero is listed at #5 and as the #2 catcher in his league.  This means that Montero has dropped from his original 2011 rankings as the #3 overall prospect and #1 catcher in all of minor league baseball.  However, this is just one ranking and after seeing what Montero has done at the major league level at the end of the season, I no longer think there is any question that Montero is ready to be a full time major leaguer.

His major league stats were a .328 Average with 4 HRs, 4 doubles, 9 runs, and 12 RBIs in 18 regular season games.  In the playoffs he went 2 for 2 with a run and a RBI.  Even thought this is a very small sample size I think it is just showing what is to come with this prospect, if you can even call him that anymore.  I would be very surprised if he wasn't on the team coming out of spring training next season as the full time catcher (if Russell Martin is let go) or the full time DH.  His bat was never a question and he has finally had a chance to show this at the major league level.  The only question is his ability to catch.  This will be the big question heading into next year.  If they believe he can be a full time catcher then this will free up the DH spot and the possibility of signing Prince Fielder (Yes, I know I may be dreaming on this one but its good to dream).

On a side note think about that lineup:
That could be the best lineup of all time.  Not saying it is going to happen with Montero a big question mark to be able to catch but again with the Yankees being knocked out of the playoffs last night, I like to dream big going into the offseason (and with the Yankees you never know).

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