Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Play them Joe

On this blog I usually don't talk to much about the big league club but after yesterdays game I feel that I need to write something.  The Yankees had a 9-1 lead after 6 innings and were taking out their starter, Phil Hughes.  Girardi then calls in Scott Proctor.  Why?  Proctor has been mediocre since his call up at the beginning of September and has shown what he can do in the major over his career.  Therefore why not call in a guy to make his major league debut in a low pressure situation to let them get their feet wet.  Not only are the Yankees up 9-1 but they are also in Seattle where they don't have to deal with the pressure of pitching in Yankee Stadium.  Girardi even had Brackman and Betances warm up but decided instead to use Proctor (who gave up a 2 run HR) and Luis Ayala to finish off the game.  I really don't understand why Girardi would do this.  Is there really anything you want to see from Proctor in relief? The answer is no.  He shouldn't be on the playoff roster and there is no reason to not at least give these kids a chance to show their stuff in the bigs.

This whole situation doesn't surprise me though.  Girardi's use of the bullpen has made very little sense to since he started as Yankee manager.  That has been my biggest knock on him since he was hired.  Hopefully he will not continue this trend and will use the bullpen as effectively as possible the rest of the season and through the playoffs.

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