Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yankees at White Sox August 3rd

I attended the Yankees slaughtering of the White Sox last night in Chicago.  I got really good seats about 5 rows behind the White Sox bullpen in left field.  I got some good pictures that I thought I would share.
This is a picture of Gavin Floyd warming up in the bullpen right in front of us.  He would go on to give up 10 runs in 2.1 innings.
The Yankees take to US Cellular Field in the bottom of the first
During the pregame I saw this pitcher and could not figure out why he looked so familiar to me.  Then he turned around and I saw that it was Brian Bruney, former Yankee reliever.  This is a picture of him warming up before going into the game in the 7th.  He was ejected before recording any outs for arguing a call at first.
The Yankees win. Theeeeeeeee Yankees win!

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