Monday, August 15, 2011

Yankees at Royals August 15th

Since I am now working for the Kansas City Chiefs, I am in Kansas City.  Therefore I was able to make it to the Yankees game tonight in KC.  I took a bunch of pictures and will share them.
This is a picture of the outfield at Kauffman Stadium.  It has one huge screen that is awesome.  This stadium is newly renovated and really shows it.  You can also see the fountain next to it which is very cool.  Right in from of the fountain is the Party Porch where you can stand right on center field.  Besides the fact that you get quite wet from the fountain behind you it is a really cool place to watch a game.

This is a view of home plate.  It is a interestingly shaped stadium.  Looking from the highway you can see into the park.

This is the view of left field.  There is the Hall of Honor with retired numbers and such.  There are also more fountains over in that area.

We sat near the bullpen and I went over and got two shots of AJ Burnett warming up in the bullpen.

Here are some Yankees in the bullpen.

This is a picture of Jeff Francoeur.  Francoeur was once a top 15 prospect for the Braves and had a few good seasons there.  Recently however, he has not been quite as good.  He is still a solid player but not the star most people thought he was destined to be.   

This is a picture of the Yankees infield in the first.  What a great infield.

A picture of former Yankee, Melky Cabrera.  He now plays center for the Royals.  He actually had two bad fielding plays in this game but is hitting pretty decently for the Royals.

Here is a picture of Melky on the big board.

Melky again.

Yankees in the field.  A view from the Party Porch

Another view from the Party Porch.

View of the outfield from the infield.  The fountain looks really cool.

My dad and me have a tradition of buying pins at all the stadiums we go to.  I took this picture to send to him.

And then came Mo.  He came in and was Mo.  Getting three out and recording the save.

Those are all the picture I have but there are a few things about the Royals that are interesting.  First, they have a pretty good offense.  Alex Gordon, once the #2 overall prospect in baseball, is their leadoff hitter.  Although he has not become the superstar they thought he would be but is still a very solid major leaguer.  

As I mentioned before Francoeur, who was also a top prospect is in their offense.  Then Billy Butler who was a decent prospect has been very solid for KC over the last few years.  

Then their is their new prospects that have recently been called up.  The biggest ones are Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas.  Hosmer has been pretty successful so far in his first big league season but Moustakas is struggling.  He is hitting under .190 and hitting 8th in the Royals lineup.  They are expecting a lot more out of him but since he is a rookie he still has time to develop.  

If KC can get some pitching this team could be decent in years to come.

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