Saturday, August 20, 2011

Red Sox at Royals August 20th

Went to the Red Sox at Royals game tonight since my roomate is a Red Sox fan and needed someone to go to the game with.  With the hope that I would see a Red Sox loss I decided I would go and was later rewarded in the 9-4 loss.  We got seats in the left field outfield right next to the Royals bullpen.
This is Royals starter Felipe Paulino warming up in the Royals bullpen.

Right before the game started all the bullpen pitchers made their way out to the bullpen right in front of us.

Now you might think this is a picture of a beer vender but it is supposed to be of Wakefield heading to the dugout after warming up.  This outing was a chance for him to collect his 200th career win.  He did not succeed in this quest.

This is a picture of Carl Crawford in left field.  He has not had quite the season the Red Sox were hoping.

Alex Gordon in left field.  He had a very nice day and was a big reason the Royals won.

Gordon again.

A picture of the cool fountains and scoreboard at Kauffman Stadium

Here is picture of Wakefield on the mound trying to win his 200th game.
Chris Getz who, just as I did, went to Michigan.  He is now playing for the Royals after previously being on the White Sox.
This is Wakefield getting taken out of the game.  The Red Sox would give up 8 runs in this inning to lose the game.
Royals pitcher Greg Holland coming out of the bullpen in the 8th innings.  He pitched the rest of the game to close it out for the Royals.
A picture of the postgame high fives after the Royals beat the Red Sox

I am again going to the game tomorrow since my roommate got us suite tickets.  More picture tomorrow...

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