Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cito Culver Article

I found a very interesting article on Staten Island Yankees' shortstop Cito Culver.  Link here.  Talks about how he was a big Yankee fan and how getting drafted has been a dream come through.  How it has also been difficult to be seen as a possible replacement for Derek Jeter.  As we all know Jeter is getting older and will not be around forever.  Cito is the highest rated SS in the Yankee system but as we all know the Yankees aren't afraid to use free agency as the route to get new players to replace the old.  With the two elite SS signed to long contracts (Ramirez 6 year, Tulowitzki 7 years) it would be great if the Yankees could develop a replacement for Jeter out of their own system.  Culver looks like the best shot at this point but anything could happen over the next few years.

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