Monday, June 20, 2011

GCL Yankees Roster

Today, June 20th is the opening day for the GCL Yankees.  Due to the fact that many draftees will usually end up in the Golf Coast League I am going to go through their roster and point out all of this years draftees that are with the team, which would mean they signed and any other interesting prospects on this team.

David Adams-2008 3rd round pick on a rehab assignment- appears on some top Yankee's prospect lists
Dante Bichette Jr.- 1st round pick

The fact that Bichette is the only draftee on this roster seems unusual.  One reason for this could be that it is usually high school prospects that are sent here.  These prospects have more on their plates in terms of graduating from high school, deciding between pro baseball and college baseball, and negotiating their contract.  This could mean that it takes longer to get these kids signed and therefore they are still in negotiations and not on the ball field.

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