Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Padres at Diamondbacks May 16th

So on the first stop on my baseball road trip my dad and I saw a game at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.  There we saw the Padres take on the Dbacks.  The starting pitching matchup was a very interesting one for me.  The starter for the Dbacks was Armando Galarraga, who was one out from a perfect game last year, against Clayton Richards, a former Michigan Wolverine.  Galarraga was far from perfect in this game and gave up 8 runs, only 5 earned.  On the other hand Richards pitched a great game and was one out from a quality start.

Looking through the two lineups there were some interesting players that I had not known were on these teams.  First was Cameron Maybin on the Padres.  He was one of the main parts of the Miguel Cabrera trade a few years back and since he is now on the Padres obviously didn't pan out for the Marlins.  Looking back that was an awful trade for the Marlins.  Giving up a top 5 hitter in baseball for two prospects that didn't pan out.

In the Diamondbacks offense I was very excited to watch Justin Upton as he was a number 1 overall pick and had been a top prospect.  He did not disappoint as he hit a solo shot during the game.  It was good to see some talent working out in MLB.

In the end the Padres won 8-4.  However, the best part of this game was the stadium.  Chase Field was one of the best I've been to (I have now been to 21 parks).  With its retractable roof which was open for the game and big open-able walls it was very similar to Miller Park in Milwaukee.  The stadium much like Yankee Stadium had a huge video board in center field and many other screen to give you as much information during the game as you could want.  The only thing that was not give on the boards that angered my while trying to keep score during the game was that they didn't flash the pitching line of pitches when they were removed from the game.  But besides that it was a great stadium experience and the weather in Phoenix was beatiful.

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