Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ones that Got Away: Ian Kennedy

Previous segments: Jose Tabata
In these segments I will detail former Yankee prospects who were traded and have since become successful players for other teams.  The second in this series will be Ian Kennedy

Three team trade with the Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks:
Yankees get:Curtis Granderson
Yankees give up: Kennedy, Austin Jackson, and Phil Coke

Background: Ian Kennedy was first drafted in 2003 in the 14th round by the St. Louis Cardinals.  However, he did not sign and instead chose to go to the University of Southern California.  Then he returned to the draft in 2006 and was taken by the Yankees in the first round, 21st overall pick.  By 2007 he was rated the #5 overall prospect in the Yankee system by Baseball America.  He climbed to #4 in 2008.  He made his major league debut in September of 2007 for the Yankees and in three games started that season went 1-0 with a 1.89 ERA.  During the 2008 season he went back and forth from the minors and majors.  In the minors he pitched splendidly, going 6-3 with a 2.22 ERA.  However, this same pitching would not be seen in the Bronx.  In 10 appearances, 9 starts, he went 0-4 with an 8.17 ERA.  In 2009 he got injured and only appeared in 5 games between the minors and majors.  This lead to him being traded in December of 2009.

Since being trade: Kennedy joined the Diamondbacks on their major league squad in 2010 and didn't disappoint.  He made a full 32 starts, and while his record was only 9-10 his ERA was a very respectable 3.80.  The poor record can most likely be the fault of the poor Diamondbacks offense.  This year he has not regressed at all.  Through nine games pitched on the season he is 4-1 with a 3.05 ERA.   

Comments on Trade: Looking back on this trade it seems the Yankees gave up a little to much for Curtis Granderson.  Although Granderson has lived up to his billing and more as a very good outfielder the prospects given up have become solid major leaguers.  Just as in the previous edition of "Ones that Got Away" this trade has two as well.  The other one being Austin Jackson.  Right now the Yankees could very much use a quality arm like Ian Kennedy since their rotation has been a key concern this season.  So it looks as though Cashman gave up a little to much to get Granderson, although you can't fault him to much since Granderson has become a top notch player and is a very respected person.

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