Sunday, May 22, 2011

Braves at Angels May 21st

The fourth and final game of my road trip was watching the interleague matchup of the Braves vs. the Angels.  As a side note, the Angels were the only AL team we saw the entire trip and it was nice to finally have a DH.  I still don't know why the NL hasn't adopted it yet and why many people are still against it.

Angels Stadium was very nice.  From the time you walk up and see two huge Angels caps you know its going to be good.  For this game we had front row seats in right field.  Right next to Torii Hunter and as a defensive replacement in the 12th inning, Jason Heyward.  The fountain in center was a nice touch and they had two nice jumbotrons.  The only downside was that they didn't give much info on the scoreboards.  They didn't have previous at bats listed and didn't put scoring decisions up so I had to guess when it was a tricky call.  But overall a very nice park.  At the end of this post I will rank the 4 parks that we visited on the trip.

But on to the baseball.  As you can glean from my previous comments this game went into extra innings, 12 to be exact.  The braves came back from four down in the 7 to tie the game up and eventually win.  This continued the streak of failing to see a home team win this entire trip.  In terms of the pitching matchup I was very excited to see Tommy Hanson throw for the Braves.  He was a top prospect very recently and has had great success at the major league level.  However, on this night he was not the story.  Although looking back at the scorecard he did have a decent game, 6 IP, giving up 4 and striking out seven, he was not dominant.  In fact until the 7th inning Joel Piniero, the Angels starter was pitching a much better game.  But then it all fell apart for him as he gave up a 3 run bomb to Joe Mather.

Coming into this game I was very much hoping to see Jason Heyward play as he is a big up and coming star in MLB (and on my fantasy team).  However, he has had injury concerns and as I mentioned before didn't play until he was a defensive replacement in extra innings.  Aside from him there were no other young big name up and comers in this game.  The Angels magazine tried to pump up the likes of Mark Trumbo, Hank Conger, and Peter Bourjos but between them they went 0-13 in the game with 2 walks both by Trumbo.

Roadtrip Stadium Rankings:
1)Chase Field - Phoenix, Arizona
2)Angels Stadium - Anaheim, California
3)Petco Park - San Diego, California
4)Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, California

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